Chamberlain 38 years old.

Full name: Milton Turnkey.

For several generations the Chamberlain’s family had been dungeon masters – called Turnkeys. It became the family name.

Jane calls him father, which he is. Dragon calls him Worryguts, which he is. Jane’s mother calls him Milton when she’s cross with him, and Milly when she’s pleased. He hates being called Milly but doesn’t tell his wife for fear she will stay cross all the time.

Job description:
To maintain the castle, advise the King, balance the Royal books and collect the taxes.

Milton’s history:
He was a bright boy and asked that he be taught to read and write by the Royal Librarian. He became a scribe to the old Chamberlain and discovered errors in the Royal Books. He thought they were honest mistakes, but it turned out that his master was cheating the Royal Books. Milton was promoted to be Chamberlain by Sir Theodore who was Lord Protector for young prince Caradoc and in charge of the castle affairs.

His ambition is for Jane, not for himself. He wants her to be successful in her dream to become a knight. But like any father, he is fearful of the dangers she faces every day.

Favourite food:
Rhubarb and custard. He is never happier than when rhubarb is in season. Jane thinks she once saw him smiling at the meal table when he was offered seconds. Her father NEVER smiles.

Favourite song:
He prefers music without words. He loves the harp. But he secretly admires a ballad Jester wrote about Jane. It’s called ‘All You Can Be.’ And he will sometimes go and read it to himself. There is a copy in the Royal library.

Favourite pastime:
Chess. It is not so much that he likes the chess itself, it is more because Jane does; and it allows him to spend time with her sitting at one of the great tables in the throne room in front of a roaring fire.