Prince Cuthbert 8 years old

Full name: Cuthbert Hakan Kippernook

King Caradoc chose the English name Cuthbert as a good omen because it means famous. His mother chose the name Hakan which means ‘high and noble son’ in her Scandinavian language.

Jane and her friends have a great many nicknames for Cuthbert, none of them flattering and all of them too rude to be set to paper.

Job description:
He is the heir to the throne of Kippernium. His current job is to be a good student, to be tutored in all the skills befitting a future king.

Cuthbert’s history:
Cuthbert was spoilt from the day he came grumbling into the world. He was a sickly child and had a lot of attention from both his parents and from the entire court staff. He enjoyed being the centre of so much affection and even suffered wearing pretty clothes because it pleased his mother. Life started to turn sour the day his sister was born and he had to share all that love and devotion with Lavinia.

Most of Cuthbert’s ambitions are short sighted. They focus on what he can get every day to make life more bearable. So his ambitions are to avoid work, avoid study and find food. But deep down he harbours one ambition which is stronger than all of these, an ambition he has no idea even exists. He wants his parents to be proud of him.

Favourite food:
Anything but vegetables.

Favourite song:
His favourite song is ‘The ballad Of Cuthbert’s Cat.’ Jester wrote it for him when the Prince had a little kitten he was very fond of. Unfortunately for the Prince, the kitten was not so fond of her royal master and set off to find a better home for herself in the village. Now all Cuthbert has left is the ballad and a nagging suspicion that the cat was teaching him a lesson.

Favourite pastime:
Annoying his sister.