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Gunther 14 years old.

Full name: Gunther Breech

Gunther doesn’t know where his first name comes from but he likes the sound of it. He thinks it sounds like a strong warrior name. He knows that his surname is not well thought of in the area. The Breech family started their fortune by trading with the enemy forces when the castle was under siege two generations ago.

No one has a nickname for Gunther. Jane has a few names for him like beef-brain and donkey, but not a nickname.

Job description:

Gunther is an apprentice knight. His father wants him to work his way up in the world in order to increase the family’s status and trading power. So Gunther has to do all the duties of a squire and whatever training Sir Theodore and Sir Ivon set for him. But he also has to work for his father doing all kinds of labouring jobs.

Gunther’s history:

Gunther’s father is a wealthy merchant so Gunther has had good schooling and can read and write. He doesn’t know where his mother is. His father refuses to talk about her and gets very angry if Gunther asks about her. He has a few memories of her and has collected bits of gossip here and there. One tale is that she was the daughter of a rich trader and that the Merchant only married her to get her father’s business.


Gunther has several conflicting ambitions. He wants to be wealthy and powerful enough to be able to take control of his father’s business and force his father to work for him. He also wants to be a knight, but not just any knight, he wants to be the hero of the jousting circuit and have maidens swooning for him whenever he enters a contest. But he also wants to be liked. Gunther has lived in the shadow of his father’s behaviour and has grown up feeling the anger and the resentment shown towards his family. Gunther doesn’t want that, he really REALLY wants to be liked. He just doesn’t know how to force people to like him!

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