Full name: Sir Ivon Mackay

Gunther calls him ‘Beef Brain.’

Job description:
Knight of the King’s Guard.

Sir Ivon’s history:
No-one knows the true history of Ivon before he arrived at the castle. He has told Jane and her friends many tales of his adventures, battles and lady friends. But all the stories conflict with each other and Jane suspects none of them are close to the truth. Jester discovered that Sir Ivon’s surname means ‘son of fire.’ Dragon thinks the knight is an insult to fire.

In 792 Ivon arrived in Kippernium to participate in a Royal Tournament. He came dressed as a knight with all the right papers, a fine horse and a squire. He proved to be a great opponent in the arena and impressed Sir Theodore with his skills and courage. Sir Ivon stayed on in the village for a short while, got into serious debt with the tavern and has remained in service to the King to pay off his bills.

He wants to be remembered as a great warrior and wants to lead an arm to a great victory. Sadly for Ivon he has arrived in the kingdom at a time of peace and stability.

Favourite ballad:
Sir Ivon likes tavern songs. His current favourite is the Halter Polka:

We are Knights of the Guard,
We are rough and we are hard,

When we rattle into battle
We can terrify the cattle.
We can down a dozen flagon,
We can joust with any dragon.

But when we get the chance,
We like to dance.

At this point in the song Sir Ivon jumps onto the nearest table and starts to dance.

It’s quite a sorry sight.

Favourite food:
Meat. The redder the better.

Favourite pastime:
Devising new weapons of war. He has devised dozens in his years at the castle. None of them work.