King Caradok 30 years old

Full name: Caradoc Cedric Bartok Kippernook

The King was originally given a different name, but at a young age he adopted the name Caradoc. The reason is well known among senior members of the Court, but the story behind it is rarely discussed.

No member of the castle staff would use a nickname for the King. But the villagers have a few. He is known as: Kippers, Rattlebrain and King Softy.

Job description:
The King’s job is to devote himself to the protection and prosperity of his people. He holds court everyday to listen to grievances and settles disputes. He imposes fines and taxes and pays for the upkeep of the castle and the town.

The King’s History:
Caradoc was born in 782 and was only 13 years old when his father died, too young to take the throne. When he was 14, Prince Caradoc met Gwendolyn, the daughter of a Scandinavian nobleman and fell hopelessly in love with her. He married her in 801 when he was nineteen years old, two years before taking the throne as King Caradoc.

Favourite food:
The King’s favourite food is mashed potato. Potatoes are the castle’s best kept secret. It’s many hundreds of years before the rest of Europe will get to eat potatoes. They come from a remote undiscovered continent – undiscovered by shortlives, that is.

The King has one simple ambition. He wants everyone to be happy. He wants a happy kingdom full of happy subjects singing happy praises to their happy king.

Favourite ballad:
The King likes any ballad that makes him cry. Which is odd for a King who wants everyone to be happy. But he expresses it this way: ‘Let us turn to stories for sadness, that we can return to the world and celebrate our good fortune.’ One of his many commands to Jester is: ‘Let us weep a waterfall.’

Favourite pastimes:
Hunting, dancing and watching his wife embroider.