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Lady In Waiting 36 years old.

Full name: Adeline Turnkey.

Before marrying Jane’s father, Adeline’s family name was d’Ark.

Most of the Court call her ‘My Lady’. Jane does too, but she is also allowed to call her ‘mother’ in private. Dragon has several names for her including ‘Goose Neck’ because of her high, stiff collars, and ‘Chalky’ because of the powdered chalk she uses to whiten her face.

Job description:
Her main role is to attend to the Queen, to ‘wait’ in attendance ready to carry out duties. She is the Queen’s dresser and also looks after the Royal children. Because it is a small castle with a small staff she also has the duty of overseeing the smooth running of the castle.

Adeline’s history:
Adeline was born to nobles in the Royal Court, her father was John d’Ark, First Knight to the king. The year Adeline was born, 776, the royal family were still in exile in the catacombs. She was only one year old when her father died leading the diversionary assault on the main gate to retake the castle. It was year of the Great Returning and Adeline never attends the celebrations to honour that victory.

Her ambition was for Jane to become a lady in waiting, marry a noble and produce a great many grandchildren for her. That dream has gone and she finds herself a little lost and confused when thinking about the future.

Favourite food:
Roasted chestnuts. One of her earliest memories is of dancing with her mother through a crunchy carpet of red and gold autumn leaves. They were out picking the fallen chestnuts which they roasted that night by an open fire. Adeline looks forward to autumn each year and to collecting chestnuts with Jane. It is one of the few activities they still do together as mother and daughter.

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