Princess Lavinia 6 years old

Full name: Lavinia Pernilla Kippernook

King Caradoc chose the name Lavinia to honour his father's passion for Roman culture - legend says Lavinia was mother of Rome. Her mother chose the name Pernilla, it means 'Little Rock' in her Scandinavian home tongue.

Family and friends call her Your Little Majesty.

Job description:
Lavinia has given herself a job. It is her duty to make sure that everyone in the castle is happy. And the best way for them to be happy is to play with her - Lavinia.

Lavinia's history:
Lavinia has been the pride and joy of her parents from the day she was born. She is full of energy, full of life and full of opinions. She believes the castle is her playground and that everyone in it is a friend to play with. She has been educated by her mother and by Jester.

She knows she will be a great leader one day and wants to be a warrior like Jane. But she would also like to be a great cook like Pepper and to be a famous dressmaker who will create the most wonderful dresses in the whole wide world. Tomorrow she might decide to become something completely different.

Favourite food:
Wild strawberries. Lavinia has loved wild strawberries from the moment she tried one of Pepper's strawberry tarts when she was just 18months old.

Favourite song:
Lavinia loves all music. Her favourite ballad is 'the Tale of Naughty Nettles' which tells of the story of how a pretty nettle became a stinging nettle, the most feared plant in the Royal Garden. Jester wrote it for her fifth birthday party. At the time Lavinia screamed and refused to visit Rake's garden for weeks. Jester had some serious explaining to do, but now Lavinia loves being 'pretend scared' by the song and asks for it all the time.

Favourite pastime:
Tea parties. Lavinia loves having tea parties with anyone she can sweet talk into playing with her. Only Dragon is brave enough to refuse an invitation to a Lavinia tea party.