The Merchant 41 years old.

Full name: Magnus Breech

The surname is not well thought of in the Kingdom. The Breech family made their fortune two generations ago by trading with the enemy when the castle was under siege.

Most of the castle staff call him The Merchant.

Job description:
He thinks of himself as a businessman. He has a warehouse in the town, a stall in the market and a sailing ship. He also has a smoking shed for kippers, a local quarry and some harvesting rights in the Royal forest. He trades whatever can make him a profit.

The Merchant’s history:
He is the only son of local traders. Both his parents are now dead, lost at sea when one of the trading vessels went down in a storm. The merchant was a very young boy and on board the ship when it sank. He and three crew were the only survivors. He was married to the daughter of a rich trader who he had been in partnership with. His wife has not been seen for many years and there is a great deal of gossip in the village about what might have become of her. He has one son, Gunther.


He wants to be accepted as an equal by members of the Court. He believes in buying his way to the top and in getting leverage by keeping people in his debt. He wants his son Gunther to be feared and respected by the entire kingdom.

Favourite food:

He loves to eat and believes that a large full belly is a sign of wealth and prosperity. His favourite food is black truffles.

Favourite song:

He like sea shanties because they are working songs and hearing them reminds him that his trading ship and its sailors are out on the ocean making him money.

Favourite pastime:

Reading. The Merchant believes books are the best road to a fast fortune. He knows that knowledge is power, and that the more books he reads, the more knowledge he will have.