Pepper 12 years old.

Full name: Verbena Salter

Her mother chose the name Verbena because she was given scented oil made from the plant as a wedding gift. (See note below.)
Pepper’s last name, Salter, comes from her father’s family who were Salters for three generations. They salted the local herring to preserve it instead of smoking to make kippers.

Family and friends all call her Pepper.

Job description:
To run the Royal Kitchens and to serve the Royal family and guests at meals.

Pepper’s history:

His parents live at the wharf in rooms above rope-makers store. Her father works at the wharf unloading and delivering produce, especially fish. Her mother works in the smoking sheds where she hangs the herring for smoking and helps manage the wood stocks for the smoking fires.

Like most parents, Pepper’s mother and father wanted to make a better life for their daughter, and when she was ate 8yrs they took her up to the castle to try to find her work there. She became a maid in the Royal Kitchen.

When she was eleven, the castle staff was reduced and only Pepper was kept on in the kitchen where she runs everything herself. Pepper has a very busy day and only gets out when she goes to the local markets with The lady In Waiting to help buy produce.
On these outings she always calls by to see her parents, and her father sometimes comes up to the castle to deliver goods from the boats.

Pepper has a very big ambition. She would like to fall in love and have lots of children. But she knows that when that day comes she will have to stop working in the kitchens. For the moment she is content to dream about getting married and having children.

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