SIR THEODORE 66 years old.

Full name:
Sir Theodore Boarmaster

Dragon calls him ‘Metal Legs’, ‘Clanky Legs’ and ‘Old Creaky.’

Job description:
Captain of the King’s Guard.

Sir Theodore’s history:
Little is known of Sir Theodore’s childhood. But as a young soldier he travelled to Bagdad in Persia. For hundreds of years the region had been the world’s centre of cultural, artistic and economic development. Sir Theodore gained high military honours working for the ruler, Harun al-Rashid.

He left Persia and came to Kippernium in 765 when he helped King Cedric regain the castle after the Wilderness Years. Just before King Cedric died, the old king appointed Sir Theodore as 'Lord Protector' to rule the Kingdom till Prince Caradoc came of age. Sir Theodore worked hard to re-build the castle and establish peace and stability in the kingdom. In 803 The King Caradoc took the throne and Sir Theodore stepped down as 'Lord Protector' and continued on as Captain of the King’s Guard.

Sir Theodore wants to ensure a lasting peace in the Kingdom. He has one ambition which he won’t reveal to anyone, but Jester thinks it has something to do with the small portrait painting he keeps near his desk in the knight’s quarters.

Favourite food:
Turkish delight. He took a great liking to it during his years in Persia.

Favourite ballad:
Jester thinks Sir Theodore has mastered a number of musical instruments, though the old knight has never been seen to play any. The ballad he most often asks Jester to play after meals is ‘The Waking Of Gentle Sam.’ No one in the Court understands the song, for the words seem carry many layers of meaning. Jane believes that if she can understand the song, she will understand Sir Theodore.

Favourite pastime:
Sir Theodore is a passionate falconer. He has trained many great birds in his time, but none has been as faithful and quick to learn as Trencher.